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Ex-Service Volunteers for Military Archaeology Project

Flinders University Project Warhorse

Project Warhorse is a collaboration between Open Door, The Flinders University Archaeology Department, and Defence Force Welfare Association, designed to facilitate the transition of Veterans, Ex-Service personnel, and families. Defence personnel leave the ADF with substantial skills. Project Warhorse uses skills that have been acquired in the ADF and assists you to adapt them to a civilian life. Project Warhorse recognises the challenges and barriers you may have in transitioning. We aim to provide guidance, advice, growth and development on this journey, from people with lived experience. Archaeology is the vehicle we use to facilitate the program. We are not training you to be archaeologists, but discovering historical artifacts can be fun. They are part of a historical detective story, where you can use some of the military and investigation skills you have developed in the ADF, in a civilian environment.What we can do, is assist your entry to university, or with your future employment by helping you get your military skills and training recognised and valued. Our assistance does not stop there, and is available any time after you leave the ADF. We understand that some people leave the ADF with challenges and barriers to integration into civilian life, and we are here to assist you with those challenges as well.

These challenges may be physical, social, cultural, psychological, academic, or work related. We can either assist you or point you in the right direction. Participants should note that potential employers will be invited to the event open day and to the final BBQ.

We are inviting you to be part of this exciting program!

You will also be welcome to become part of the Warhorse community and participate in our ongoing activities and support. We hope some of you become long-term Warhorse Volunteers to support fellow service personnel going through similar journeys and challenges.

To inquire or register for the Warhorse Program or if you would like a speaker to speak about our program to your RSL or Service club or organisation, please contact:

Leif Brown Ph: 0402 144 748 [email protected] Research Assistant (Ops) C/- Archaeology Dept, Flinders University Bedford Park SA