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Children’s Activities Coordinator

Land of Welcome Australia

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Explore the ideas of children to discover what they’d like to do.

Plan activities with other volunteers and get their input on how to entertain the children.

In the past we have had drawing and painting, circus skills, face painting, soccer, touch football and a wet balloon fight.

As Land of Welcome has a severely limited budget ideas must be low or no cost.

As is appropriate seek to develop friendships with the children beyond the monthly picnics.

To create flexibility with other commitments you have and so you can work with a partner we are advertising for two volunteers to fill this position.

Based upon your other time commitments, we would love you to contribute to other aspects of our strategy both for your valuable insights and that we may get to know you better.

Your contribution to the achievement of Land Of Welcome’s objectives will be recognized by a formal certificate of appreciation. A job well done may open new opportunities for you with people within our network who might benefit from your skills.