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Logo for The Food Co-op Canberra

Join us and find your place within a diverse, community-oriented organisation which has strong values built on cooperative principles.

Our focus is on reducing waste, supporting an environmental and economic alternative, and promoting an alternative shopping experience to supermarkets. We offer training and support, and there are several benefits such as Working Member discounts on all of our products, a free lunch or hot drink with every 2 shift, and many other things we'd love to tell you about!

We encourage you to come and do some general volunteering at The Co-op, to get a feel for the place and how everything works. Then, if you want to continue, you could train as a shop or cafe coordinator.

We ask that people who enjoy their time with us, sign up for membership of the Co-op, which will require a small annual fee. There are many benefits to membership, including a 20% discount which applies to any purchases you make in the store.