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Radio Presenter

Triple Y Grovely Radio

We record our programs at Triple Y Grovely and then transmit them. They are not live to air. So, there is no pressure to be perfect in your presentation. We can, and do, re-record any parts if you are not happy.

We have some standard program formats you may use or you may have format ideas of your own.

But importantly, any program ideas or styles are welcome and can be discussed and considered by the Station Manager.

We are very open and will do everything within our scope to get you on air with us.

Our programs are usually up to an hour long but may be shorter.

In time, you may be able to record your program from your own home.

We are located close to a school so some checks and a Blue Card will be needed. We will cover the application fees. You are perfectly welcome to come as our guest to have a look and try before you apply for a Blue Card.