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About YOU Before we talk about what you’ve done, let’s talk about who you are…You’re just a good human being with a big heart, and an innate passion for seeing the lives of people change for the better.

You’re a people-person and you love building meaningful relationships You love being in a dynamic environment. You are self-motivated, driven and are confident working autonomously along with collaborating with a team. You have a knack for gaining people's respect and rapport quickly.

About Us The Melbourne Holocaust Museum (MHM), formerly known as the Jewish Holocaust Centre, is Australia’s largest institution solely dedicated to Holocaust education, research, and remembrance, fostering the values of acceptance and understanding, and preserving the testimonies of our survivors.

Established by survivors in 1984, the MHM is now a world-class museum and research centre, with an outstanding reputation. Annually our education programs are attended by over 23,000 students, we hold a wide-array of thought-provoking events, and welcome thousands of local and international visitors through our doors.

The MHM houses more than 1300 survivor testimonies, and over 12,000 historical artefacts from both the Holocaust, and immediate post-war eras.

About the role Join our volunteer team at our esteemed museum, working collaboratively to maintain a top-tier, welcoming, safe, and accessible environment for all visitors. Develop a deep understanding of MHM's core values, operational requirements, and cultivate a positive attitude to accommodate visitors' needs effectively. Gain valuable experience in hosting museum spaces and honing exceptional customer service skills.

You will learn Join our dynamic team of volunteers and embark on a journey of discovery at our museum space! As a volunteer, you'll delve into the intricate operations of a world class museum, gaining invaluable insights into how the general public respond and interact with collections on display. Being part of bridging the gap between the captivating stories housed within our collections and the eager minds of the general public. Through engaging with visitors, you'll hone your skills in public speaking and presentation, becoming a confident communicator with the ability to captivate audiences of all ages and backgrounds. Join us today and unlock a world of learning, growth, and inspiration!

How to apply: apply via this seek volunteer advert and complete the volunteer application form @