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National Marketing & Events Director

Out for Australia

For the full Position Description and details on how to apply, see the Out For Australia website.


This role is designed to enhance communication to streamline marketing efforts and provide crucial support to both the State Directors and the Business Development team. The National Marketing & Communications Manager will play a pivotal role in fostering collaboration and ensuring the successful execution of marketing initiatives across the organisation.


Liaison and Support for State Directors (40%):

  • Act as a central point of contact for all State Directors, providing support and coordination for events and communications.
  • Ensure seamless communication and collaboration between the National Office and State Directors.
  • Work with the Digital Marketing Manager to ensure that all digital communications and promotions of events are completed on time.
  • Provide reporting back to State Directors and Grassroots team.

Support for Business Development Team (30%):

  • Collaborate closely with the Business Development team, offering assistance in organising events, managing sponsorships, and identifying growth opportunities.
  • Facilitate effective communication channels between the Marketing & Communications department and Business Development.
  • Work with the Media and Communications Director to find alignment between any key projects (hero content pieces) and upcoming Business Development events, sponsorships and opportunities for growth.
  • Work with the Digital Marketing Manager to promote Business Development Team opportunities.

Support for National Conference and OFA Represented Events (10%):

  • Assist in the planning and execution of the National Conference and other events where OFA is represented.
  • Coordinate the participation of key figures, such as the CEO, in panels and discussions. This can also include coordinating with the Digital Marketing Manager for the promotion of events.

Key Marketing Lead for 30u30 (10%):

  • Take a lead role in the marketing activities related to the 30u30 initiative, ensuring visibility and engagement.

General volunteer expectations (10%)

  • Undertake an OFA volunteer induction and role onboarding.
  • Understand and implement OFA’s strategy, vision and mission.
  • Uphold our volunteer code of conduct.
  • Assist with initiatives as required.