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National Marketing & Communications Director

Out for Australia

For the full Position Description and details on how to apply, see the Out For Australia website.


This role is integral to shaping OFA's narrative, strengthening its brand presence, and fostering thought leadership. The Media and Communications Director will play a pivotal role in driving content initiatives, managing digital presence, and ensuring cohesive communication across various channels.


Your primary function is to support the Content Strategy through development and collaboration:

  • Collaborate on creating a comprehensive content strategy aligned with OFA's Strategic Goals, with a focus on enhancing brand awareness and establishing thought leadership.

You will be responsible for:

Ownership of Content Strategy (60%):

  • Develop and own the overall content strategy, ensuring alignment with organisational goals and messaging.
  • Regularly assess and refine the content strategy to adapt to evolving needs and industry trends.
  • Oversee and manage core content assets, including presentations and materials essential for organisational communication.
  • Collaborate with relevant teams to ensure the smooth integration of content into various initiatives.
  • Regularly report on activities and performance to the Chief Marketing Officer, offering insights and recommendations for continuous improvement.
  • Act as the point of contact for media requests, facilitating timely responses and coordination with key spokespersons.

Project Support for Various Functions (20%):

  • Provide project support for other functions, including the Impact Statement, Research and Data Team, and Storytelling initiatives such as podcast promotion.
  • Manage the production and standardisation of content related to the Mentoring Program for the Business Development team.

Digital Presence Management (10%):

  • Work closely with the Digital Marketing Manager to create and deliver content through online channels, ensuring a cohesive and impactful digital presence.
  • Oversee the performance and optimisation of digital content to enhance engagement

General volunteer expectations (10%)

  • Undertake an OFA volunteer induction and role onboarding.
  • Understand and implement OFA’s strategy, vision and mission.
  • Uphold our volunteer code of conduct.
  • Assist with initiatives as required.