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Female Aged Care Visitors - Morningside

Wynnum Baptist Community Visitors Scheme t/as ACVVS Wynnum

We are looking for volunteers to become Volunteer Visitors and regularly visit with lonely elderly people living in Aged Care homes in the Morningside area.

During your visits you can get to know each other through having a cuppa and a chat, or perhaps playing an easy board game or doing a simple activity together, listening to music, reading or perhaps taking a short stroll with the resident on the grounds of the Aged Care home.

Volunteering as a Volunteer Visitor can be a very rewarding experience. By becoming a friend to an older person, you can make a positive difference to their lives as well as your own.

Through this regular one-to-one visiting, wonderful friendships can be formed. These visits from a Volunteer Visitor can help to improve the quality of life of the older person and help them to feel less socially isolated, minimising their feelings of loneliness and depression.