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Conversation Partner

Chatloop Ltd

As a Chatloop conversation partner, you'll join an English learner on the app in a chat group. Together, you'll work through an English communication activity. These activities usually last for over a week, because you only send messages when you are not busy. You and the learner will only send a handful of messages every day or two, giving the learner a drip-feed of regular, authentic English practice. Once the activity is finished, you'll have some down time while you wait to start a new activity with another English learner.

You'll find the conversations rewarding as you build intercultural understanding, make these newcomers feel welcome in Australia, and gradually see their English improve.

You'll also be challenged to write your message using English that isn't too difficult for the learner, asking question that aren't too difficult for the learner to respond to, and to give feedback to the learner about their English.