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Nonprofit Community Fundraising Co-ordinator

Altru Charity

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Looking for an ambassador in every state.

How You Can Help

As our Community Coordinator, your role is pivotal in bridging Altru with the local scene. Every quarter, you will team up with a community partner to host a fundraising event that celebrates and supports local initiatives. On a weekly basis, expect to dedicate 3-5 hours engaging with community members, planning events, and spreading brand awareness. Your efforts will not only increase Altru’s visibility but also strengthen community ties, creating a ripple effect of positivity and engagement.


  • Organise and Host Events: Plan and execute quarterly fundraising events in collaboration with local community partners, ensuring each event aligns with Altru's mission and values.
  • Build Local Partnerships:Actively seek and establish relationships with local businesses, run clubs, and organizations to increase brand visibility and community engagement.
  • Community Outreach: Engage with the community both in person and online to raise awareness about Altru’s initiatives.
  • Feedback and Reporting:Gather community feedback and provide regular reports on event outcomes, community engagement metrics, and partnership effectiveness to help shape future strategies.