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Volunteer - Emergency Department

Canberra Hospital and Health Services

The role includes:

  1. Work according to VED program and hospital policies and procedures
  2. Guide and orientate consumers/visitors to, and within, the emergency department and those being transferred from Triage to acute as directed by guidelines and senior departmental staff.
  3. Provide practical support and comfort measures to the consumer during their stay/wait.
  4. Liaise between patients and staff as requested to communicate non-clinical information.
  5. Assist with providing guidance to refreshments for family and friends of patients. Provide limited refreshments in cases of need.
  6. Provide hospital meals/food packs to patients located in clinical areas of the department who are permitted to eat and drink. Assist with accessing packaging only.
  7. Offer comfort to patients, family and friends of patients.
  8. Provide age-appropriate materials to occupy the consumer and/or visitors (magazines, books, pencils).
  9. Supervise well children (parental and clinician consent required), to allow parents/patients to concentrate on receiving attention.
  10. Sit with children at the request of a clinician (parent consent required when present).
  11. Initiate play diversion for children at the request of a clinician.
  12. Monitor the condition of the working environment.
  13. Assemble wheelchairs and non-clinical equipment in defined locations.
  14. Restock and tidy public kitchenette.
  15. Sort unclaimed lost property as requested.
  16. Assist with arranging telephone calls and taxis.
  17. Provide direction or escort to other areas of the hospital.
  18. Provide feedback through prescribed channels to assist in the improvement of volunteer service delivery.
  19. Report concerns/issues to the clinical staff within the appropriate areas.
  20. Assist with orientating new volunteers to the department.
  21. Assist with Cleaning and Maintaining toys and books in Paediatric Area.