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Support A Reader Program (Tutor)

Tuart Hill Primary School

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Staff and students at Tuart Hill Primary School are committed to maintaining the positive heritage that has been developed over so many years and by so many. We want all students to leave Tuart Hill well prepared for their future, equipped to prosper economically, to be happy and secure in themselves, and ready to contribute to their community. Tuart Hill Primary School encourages the link between the school and the community and looks forward to working with volunteers across the many and varied programs we have throughout the school.

The support a reader program is based around supporting students with their reading. Students who engage with the support a reader program have been identified as being at a severe literacy disadvantage. Students will require tutors who have an understanding nature and sound English skills.

Tutors will be supporting students from a diverse range of backgrounds, creating a very unique and rewarding opportunity for tutors to be a part of students' academic growth.

  The commitment is 1 hour a week (during school hours) for 1 full term working with 3-4 students individually 1 on 1 within the hour which ever day of the week you are free. 15 minute min tutoring sessions per student. You will be required to complete the following:

  1. An induction
  2. A training day
  3. Classroom Support training to practice your new found skills and learn how to interact with the students (Will follow after the training day, date TBA)