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Join the SCOUTS! Majura Scout Group Watson

Scout Association of Australia, ACT Branch
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Become a Scout Volunteer!

The aim of Scouting is to encourage the physical, intellectual, emotional, social and spiritual development of young people so that they take a constructive place in society as a member of their local, national and international community.

Volunteering with Scouts ACT gives you opportunities to:

  • Encourage, mentor and empower young people to be their best
  • Contribute to your local community
  • Rediscover adventure in yourself
  • Involve the whole family in a new adventure together
  • Have fun
  • Challenge yourself
  • Get active
  • Learn new skills
  • Be appreciated
  • Meet people with similar values
  • Gain recognised Leadership and Management qualifications
  • Travel within Australia and overseas.

There are hundreds of children taking part in Scouting activities every day and they need adult volunteer support to guide them along the way.

Adults members can become leaders in the different sections/age groups: Joeys, aged 6 – 8 years old Cubs, aged 7.5 – 11 years old Scouts, aged 10.5 – 15 years old Venturers, 14.5 – 18 years old Rovers, 17.5 – 25 years old Group Leader – manages the group, looks over the committee members and the different sections. Committee Member – manages the internal functions of the Group i.e. finance, membership, hall hire maintenance etc.

For more information please contact our Development Officer Tyron Ahern on (02) 6282 5211 or email