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Be part of a passionate, fun team, working to organise and host inclusive online social events that create opportunities for people from diverse backgrounds to meet others, have new adventures and form new connections. We are looking for volunteers who would like to help us share our mission and projects with the general public and other organisations. We believe in a world where everyone has good people to share their life with. The Befriend Social Network creates easy opportunities for people to meet others, form new connections, and live a rich,active social life.

Event Hosts role is to plan and host online and face to face social events in specific interest areas that bring people together to form new social connections, friendships and networks.

We’d love to hear your thoughts and are always open to more creative ideas. What exactly would I be doing? Organise 1 small social event each month (average event size 6-20 people) in your area of interest, at a time convenient for you. Attend your online event as scheduled to meet and welcome guests, and share the social experience as part of the group. Encourage others to take turns hosting the next event! Estimated time commitment: 3 hours per month