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Logo for Hospice Care Association of NW Tasmania Inc.

What do Hospice volunteers do? Hospice Care volunteers provide a home based support service to those living with a life limiting illness.

While skilled professional medical and nursing staff care for terminally ill patients, Hospice volunteer provide support and companionship to both clients and their families by:

  • Staying with a client while their carer and/or family members have time out.
  • Interacting with a client - cards, books, television, walking, jigsaw, scrabble etc. Or just sitting at home.
  • Sitting with clients as requested either during the day, evening, nights or weekends, at home or in care.
  • Providing transport for clients to and from appointments, perhaps an outing or assisting with shopping.
  • Being a present during a client's last hours - only if both parties are agreeable
  • Be a good listener