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Member of the Board - Director of Volunteering

Abundant Water Inc
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About Abundant Water

Abundant Water is a Canberra based NGO working to help remote communities stop disease and death by providing access to clean water. Abundant Water trains potters in Lao to make their own ceramic water filters and business people to market and sell filters so that remote communities develop their own sustainable clean water businesses.

The organisation was started in 2008 by Sunny Forsyth, who when working as an Australian Government Youth Ambassador in Laos witnessed first-hand the lack of safe drinking water in rural communities.

Working with ANU he developed innovative low-cost clay-pottery filters that remove over 95% of the pathogens in water. Our simple water filters are made using traditional techniques, from locally sourced organic materials. They have the ability to eliminate water-borne illnesses such as dysentery, gastro-enteritis, cholera, and typhoid that are endemic to many rural villages. The AW filter and social business program is now being used throughout Laos PDR and the organisation has recently embarked on taking its technology to Nepal.


The Director of Volunteering is one of 8 Directors on the Abundant Water Board. The position is based in Canberra.

Board members serve a minimum two year term. Time commitment is approximately 1 day per month, but more time may be required at times. The Board meets every month (first Monday).

The Board is responsible for:

-ensuring that Abundant Water has a clear vision, mission and strategic direction, and is focused on achieving outcomes -the management of the Abundant Water, agreeing plans and budgets, and monitoring the delivery of the plans -developing policies to assist in the achievement of the strategic and operational plans ensuring that Abundant Water has satisfactory financial control systems and procedures, and to review the level of risk annually -ensuring that Abundant Water’s governance is of the highest possible standard

To achieve the Board’s objectives, Board members work in partnership with other Directors and volunteers. Board members are required to:

-contribute to Board meetings, having read relevant papers -participate in subcommittees, with authority delegated to them by the Board, meeting at other intervals -assist other volunteers who seek to consult with you on areas within your particular expertise -be prepared to act as a spokesperson for Abundant Water in meetings with potential donors or others and to work within an agreed brief -attend events as an ambassador for Abundant Water, to network and promote the work of the organisation -reflect annually on the Board’s performance and your own performance as a Director and participate in an annual strategic planning workshop -comply with Abundant Water’s policies, including child protection

Role Description

In addition to the general duties of Board members, the Director of Volunteering is responsible to:

-develop recruitment strategies, retention initiatives, and forward planning for roles across the organisation -undertakes recruitment processes for domestic volunteers, international volunteers (intern program), and our Program Manager in Laos as needed -provide support to other recruitment processes within the organisation as needed -works with other Directors to support effective onboarding processes and exit processes -works closely with the CEO and Board Chair on fostering a positive Board and organisational culture, with a focus on collaborative leadership models

Selection Criteria

The successful candidate will: -understand and commit tothe values of Abundant Water -exercise sound judgement and show strategic vision and the ability to think creatively -be able to work effectively as a member of a team -be willing to devote the necessary time and effort to the position and to speak their mind -understand and accept the legal responsibilities of a Director

Preference will be given to candidates who: -have experience working on a not-for-profit board, or with an international non-government organisation --have experience with volunteer management or recruitment processes, or a genuine willingness to learn -have an understanding of collaborative leadership models and a willingness to be an active agent in fostering this within the organisation

To express your interest in this position, please send a short statement of interest (300 words) and a CV to the email listed.