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CFS Cadets - South Australia

SA Country Fire Service (CFS)
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The Country Fire Service (CFS) Cadet Program aims to assist the practical development of young people in firefighting, with a view to develop young people as individuals. It is also a great opportunity for social development, building team spirit through the achievement of collective effort, whilst maintaining individuality and encouraging full and productive use of leisure time.

Cadets are also able to participate in activities that support the Duke of Edinburgh Award and link training to school studies.

Most Cadet Programs do not have a joining fee or any associated membership costs (although some cadet programs might charge a small fee each week to put back into cadet activities). Cadets are provided with uniform or PPE (personal protective equipment) made up of overalls, helmet, goggles and gloves.

Cadet Firefighters undertake many activities including: • Learning basic firefighting skills, hose work, and radio communications • Community activities such as attending local events • Helping out with community projects and fundraising • Fun activities such as camps and competitions

Cadets will be supervised and supported by a Cadet Coordinator and a Cadet Supervisor who are CFS members. All support personnel are over the age of 18; have undertaken a National Criminal History Records Check within the past three years and are familiar with the Emergency Services Sector Child Protection Policy and related procedures.