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Community Pet Carer - Breakwater, East Geelong, Newcomb, St Albans Park

Cherished Pets Foundation
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We are seeking volunteers to assist pet owners by providing regular care and exercise for their pets. The pet care will be determined through negotiation with the pet owner and the Volunteer Coordinator. Pet care tasks may include, but are not limited to dog walking, feeding pets, grooming pets, cleaning and removal of pet waste.

Additionally there may be a need to transport pets and administer medications, flea and worming treatments to pets (under the direction of a Cherished Pets veterinarian); You will be required to notify the Volunteer Coordinator of any concerns or issues with the client’s or pet’s health and welfare.

Abide by all local laws pertaining to the exercising of dogs in public places, scoop up and responsibly dispose of dog droppings and comply with Cherished Pets Foundation’s Policies and Procedures and Code of Conduct. There's an opportunity to participate in the planning, review and continuous improvement of the role and the service to the community.