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Community Service Coordinator

ICare Community Services
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  1. Facilitate community development planning in order to identify and establish development opportunities Main Activities • Facilitate the community development planning process • Establish and support a Community Development Committee • Facilitate the development of, and implement, a Community development plan including vision, goals and objectives • Research and provide recommendations on Community Development opportunities

  2. Establish community transfer and empowerment initiatives in order to ensure the transfer of powers and responsibilities is beneficial to the community Main Activities • Identify areas for potential transfer of powers and responsibilities • Conduct research on programs • Assess the community capacity to deliver and manage programs and services • Conduct a cost/benefit analysis to transferring programs and services • Identify deficiencies to taking over responsibilities • Coordinate and Chair meetings on community empowerment and transfer • Work with Regional Interdepartmental Community Empowerment Teams to initiative community transfers • Ensure public input into the transfer of powers and responsibilities • Review community transfer agreements with legal counsel and other professionals • Update Council, staff and the public on community transfer programs • Negotiate community transfer agreements

  3. Implement and monitor community empowerment and transfer programs Main Activities • Coordinate necessary resources • Assist with development of human resource plans • Identify and secure required facilities and equipment • Identify and secure financial resources • Identify and secure program expertise and resources • Monitor community transfer initiatives • Evaluate community transfer initiatives • Provide accurate and timely reports to Council and to responsible agencies

  4. Secure funding for community development activities and programs in order to ensure the community has the necessary resources for development Main Activities • Research private and public sector funding opportunities • Consult with industry and government representatives concerning eligibility requirements for funding • Prepare proposals for funding to support community development

  5. Provide support to Council and the SAO to ensure they can make effective decisions Main Activities • Prepare reports on community development and community transfer programs • Make presentations on community development and community transfer programs • Provide advice on development and transfer opportunities • Implement Council decisions

  6. Complete administrative functions to ensure that the program is properly funded and administered Main Activities • Prepare and monitor the community development and transfer budget • Submit required reports concerning community development and community transfers • Assist with the office operation

  7. Perform other related duties as required