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Help disadvantaged youth by becoming a Wellington Volunteer Driver Mentor

Uniting 120 Countdown Dubbo
Logo for Uniting 120 Countdown Dubbo

You’ll be responsible for engaging and working with 120 Countdown young learner drivers to provide regular driving practice and mentoring in a fully maintained Uniting vehicle. Using your training, life skills and experience you will mentor youth in a supportive and enriching way to empower them with practical driving and social skills and to help them to believe in their potential both in their own life and in the community.

A mentoring lesson involves taking the young person on a supervised drive around the Dubbo and Wellington area for 1 to 2 hours per week, then completing their learners logbook entry after each lesson. Often during a lesson young people may chat about any issues, concerns or happenings in their lives. As a youth mentor you will provide guidance through being a positive role model and assisting them to make positive decisions to avoid anti social behaviours.

As a volunteer you will be supervised by the Coordinator who will ensure that you are fully trained, supported and confident to complete driver youth mentoring lessons. The Coordinator provides ongoing guidance, advice and support should you have any questions or concerns with any young people you are mentoring.