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Seeing Eye Dogs breeder carer

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VOLUNTEER ROLE OVERVIEW This volunteer role requires volunteers to provide a high standard of care for SED breeding dogs in their own home as approved and agreed by SED. Volunteers are required to maintain the SED breeding dogs obedience, house manners, training and socialisation. Volunteer are also required to transport SED breeding dogs to required locations such as veterinary clinics or to SED (17 Barrett Street, Kensington, Vic, 3031) when required for matings, reproductive/health appointments or when in season.

In addition to the standard volunteer carer duties as detailed in the Puppy Carer Volunteer Assignment, Breeder Carer volunteers will: • Conduct role specific duties of a Breeder Carer as outlined below: o Care for brood bitch (female) or stud dog (male) and follow the SED protocol of husbandry for the dog under guidance from SED. o Keep the SED breeding dog fit and in a healthy body condition at all times. This generally requires at least 45 – 60 minutes of brisk walking each day, and monthly reporting of the dog’s weight to Seeing Eye Dogs. o Be able to transport SED breeding dogs to required locations such as veterinary clinics or to SED headquarters in Kensington, Melbourne when required for veterinary appointments or specific reproduction activities. This may be required within 24 hours notice due to the time critical nature of reproduction activities such as matings. Carers are required to have access to a vehicle for these purposes.  For a Stud dog (male) - Carers are required to be available to transport the dog to SED and collect it from SED on average at least 6 times per year for matings.  For a brood bitch (female) – Carers are required to transport brood bitches to SED for reproductive/health appointments including pre-natal health checks and ultrasounds, whenever in season, and when a brood bitch is entering or leaving the puppy centre for a whelp.

o Obtain approval from Seeing Eye Dogs before undertaking travel with the dog. o Seek clearance from Seeing Eye Dogs before housing any other pets at the property. Undesexed dogs of the opposite gender are not permitted to be housed in the same property. o Be available for visits from your Seeing Eye Dogs staff member during business hours (Mon-Fri, 9am-5pm). o Be of the understanding that SED breeding stock may be reassigned in to formal training, to other organisations or used for other purposes at any stage.

ESSENTIAL SKILLS AND KNOWLEDGE The volunteer will demonstrate abilities in:
• Dog handling skills (enjoys working with dogs) • Physical capacity to safely walk and handle a large dog on a daily basis • Driving skills • Interpersonal skills

Due to the huge volume of interest in the program, our breeder caring program is currently only accepting applications in: Melbourne, Moreland, Darebin, Moonee Valley, Bendigo, Maribyrnong and Yarra.