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Pets for Life Volunteer - Sunshine Coast wide

Caloundra Community Centre Inc.
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The Pets for Life program has 3 main aims: 1. to address social isolation in older people; 2. to uphold animal welfare; and 3. to provide meaningful volunteering experiences.

Pets for Life volunteers are matched to senior pet owners who would like some assistance in the care of their pet. Volunteer activities may include tasks such as dog walking, support with bathing and grooming the pet, changing kitty litter trays, or assisting with vet visits. Through their weekly visits, volunteers also support senior community members to stay connected to their local community.

Volunteers require a warm and understanding manner, a willingness to learn, a love of animals, an interest in people, and the ability to be accepting of others. They must also be discreet, as it is important they reveal nothing that has been told in confidence to others, other than the Project Worker, must never press for information or pry in any way.