Found 22 Tutoring and Mentoring volunteering opportunities in Adelaide City

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  1. Blokes to help out blokes from refugee backgrounds

    15 blokes wanted to help 15 refugees/asylum seekers blokes to settle into Adelaide with Baptist Care's Fuse Friendship Program. You can do this by inviting them for a meal/ BBQ, playing sport together, showing them around, practising conversational English or hanging out together. Just 6 hours per month can make a huge difference in their lives - and enrich your own.

    Migrant Support
    Long Term
    Wayville, SA
  2. Mentor / Friend for a Refugee or Asylum Seeker

    Help people who have arrived to Adelaide as a refugee or asylum seeker by being a volunteer mentor/ friend as part of Baptist Care's Fuse Friendship Program. Just 6 hours per month can make a huge difference in their lives - and enrich your own.

    Migrant Support
    Long Term
    Wayville, SA
  3. QWERTY Technology Hub Volunteer

    QWERTY is a wheelchair accessible Internet Cafe situated within the South Australian Spinal Cord injury service that gives all clients and their families the ability to access computers, the Internet and trial accessible equipment during rehabilitation. We need an additional volunteer who can work at QWERTY every Wednesday and alternate Mondays from1-5pm.

    Disability Services
    Long Term
    Northfield, SA
  4. Scout Leader and Assistant Scout Leader

    Scout Leaders need to be motivated individuals with a commitment to providing varied, exciting and dynamic programs for their Scout Group. Scouts Australia helps Leaders deliver on that commitment by providing training and support in all aspects of Scouting, youth leadership, programming and safety.

    Long Term
    Magill, SA
  5. South Australian Young Entrepreneur Scheme Mentor

    Mentoring with the South Australian Young Entrepreneurs Scheme (SAYES) provides a valuable opportunity for you to share your knowledge and experience with young South Australian Entrepreneurs. Working with a SAYES participant once a month for a period of 12 months, assisting them with the development of their business ideas and the development of a business plan. Your role is to help guide the participant build business acumen, self confidence and self assurance.

    Mentoring & Advocacy
    Long Term
    Unley, SA
  6. Money Mentors

    Assisting clients in the western suburbs of Adelaide with Basic Budgeting skills.

    Community Service
    Long Term
    Bowden, SA
  7. Companion

    Companions are responsible for providing support to children on camps by being a positive role model, looking after their safety and welfare encouraging participation in a fun, supportive manner.

    Young People
    Long Term
    Stepney, SA
  8. Talking with Aussies Volunteer

    Chat individually with an international student. Meet individually with an international student for approximately 1 hour week to help them practise their spoken English and gain more knowledge of the local cultures as part of the 'Talking with Aussies' program.

    Long Term
    Adelaide, SA
  9. Home Tutor - Valley View & Mawson Lakes

    Make a huge difference in a migrant's or refugee's life by teaching them basic English!

    Migrant Support
    Long Term
    Valley View, SA
  10. Home Tutor - Parafield Gardens & Salisbury

    Make a huge difference in a migrant's or refugee's life by teaching them basic English!

    Migrant Support
    Long Term
    Parafield Gardens, SA