ID: 104397

WIA National & Inwards QSL Manager

Recreation Long Term Bayswater, VIC

About this opportunity

Provide leadership and management of National Inward QSL Bureau Service for the WIA. Fulfil international (IARU) obligations, establish national QSL policy and process and prepare education programs.

• Understand the QSL business of the WIA and IARU.
• Understand and undertake the role of the National Inward QSL Manager on behalf of the Board.

Legal Compliance:
• Understand, abide and maintain the WIA QSL Policy and make recommendations to the board on changes and updates.
• Understand and abide with the WIA Constitution, rules, regulations, standing orders, policies, processes.
• Understand the structures, processes, procedures and documents that establish the WIA organization.
• Understand the relationship and the requirements that being a member of the IARU puts onto the WIA and the QSL Service and follow and implement IARU recommendations.

• Manage and coordinate the WIA National QSL Bureau and provide assistance to State and Territory Bureaux.
• Gather and maintain QSL statistics.
• Provide an annual report to the WIA Board on QSL operations at the WIA AGM and to the WIA Board as required.

Administrative, Educative & Communication:
• Keeping relevant stakeholders informed of the QSL activities.
• Maintain and distribute the WIA QSL Guidelines and make recommendations to the board on changes and updates.
• Develop and deliver QSL education aligned with the WIA QSL Guidelines for a range of audiences including the State & Territory Bureaux and Members of the WIA.

Desirable Requirement:
The Manager resides in VK3 (Victoria) and able to visit the WIA National Office in Bayswater on a regular basis.

Additional requirements

WIA Member, access to a computer and the internet.
(for insurance purposes volunteers must be members of the WIA)

Time Required

Four to Five hours per week

Good for
  • Work Experience
Interested in
  • Administration, Office Management
  • Governance, Board, Committee
  • Library Services
  • Research, Policy and Analysis

On the job training will be provided with access to subject matter experts.