ID: 105599

Director: GP Promotion of Therapies

Health Long Term Berwick VIC

About this opportunity

We are seeking a medical practitioner with an ethical and professional interest to develop and facilitate a team of others in the profession in leading the development of avenues of promotion to medical practitioners of the Compare Therapies website as an on-line facility for client referral and self-search – for effective therapies for those types of conditions and issues.

The CHANGE YOUR PAST Foundation is a registered community charity in Australia. We believe improved ‘accessibility’ and ‘accountability’ is the key leverage to bringing effective therapeutic assistance to people who need it.

COMPARE THERAPIES is the core project of the CHANGE YOUR PAST FOUNDATION, that is being developed as a free-to-access information base for everyone - medical practitioners, therapists and clients. Its purpose is to promote client self-access to drug-free therapies to effect resolution of mental, emotional and behaviourally challenging personal, interpersonal and social difficulties. We are seeking the assistance of medical practitioners in referring clients to and using this website.

Many drug-free therapies and their effective uses of have already been extensively researched and validation studies published in peer-reviewed professional journals.
Our task is to gather these together into one website, where anyone can, for free,
a. find out what those therapies are for any medical or psychological condition; and
b. make this easily available for website self-search; and
c. cite their peer-reviewed published validation studies;
d. where such studies are not available, develop a quantifiable qualitative database providing aggregation of progressively accumulated feedback from therapeutic outcome surveys designed by the project – with appropriate disclaimer; and
e. provide opportunity for testimonial case information - with similar disclaimer.

1. Develop as associated voluntary register of therapy practitioners and therapy practitioner training programs; and
2. From a system of Membership Fees provide discounted or free access to therapy for persons affected by mental health problems who are disadvantaged by their condition such as to be unable to afford such (and to assist fund validation studies).

Interested? - this is an opportunity to make a real and ethical difference – globally.
Are you also interested to become part of a game-changing, 21st century style of organisation proving enormously more appropriate and effective in the modern fast changing world? - one that allows you to be who you are in a work environment, expressing your complete and unique Self without any limitations or expectations? Can you match such freedom with entrepreneurial spirit, self-discipline and responsibility? Does working in a free-flowing team environment inspire you and is communication one of your strengths?

CHANGE YOUR PAST Foundation is being developed along the lines of a TEAL organisation where the emphasis is shifted to self-initiated and self-managed contributions by all members working independently and also at the same time in closely networked collaboration both in focussed collegiate cooperation on specific tasks, and also, being productively engaged broadly across the enterprise. Expected of everyone is the ongoing demonstration of active self-developed initiative in achieving valued outcomes that contribute to the overall purpose of the organisation.

That is, leadership is to be expressed by every individual, in contributing from their own unique skills and experience, complementing the different contributions made by others who are in the same way expert in their own areas and tasks.

Directors, Managers, Heads and Coordinators have a main responsibility to facilitate, encourage and support this open process and shepherd its constantly self-evolving coordination and creative direction, all networked together in mutually mindful and committed relationship, within the overall purpose of the organisation.

We don’t need to point out the responsibility that comes with this position, the trust we would place in you. Geographic location isn’t important to us. You don’t need to be based in Victoria or Australia for that matter and can work from where-ever you want, being connected with the whole team via phone or video-conferencing when-ever required. We do not ask you to commit to or for a specific time, but we ask you to be part of a team and take responsibility for your role by progressing and delivering agreed outcomes within a prescribed time-line.

Benefits for you are that after 6 months active contribution we will certify your Achievement Portfolio and also act as your CV referee.

So if you have the expertise, the passion and the desire to create a beautiful legacy, then get in touch.

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  • Centrelink Approved
  • Skilled Volunteer
  • Virtual Volunteering
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  • Counselling and Help Line
  • Disability Support