ID: 111259

Website Design Consultant

Health Long Term Kingsford NSW

About this opportunity

In response to our growth over the last 12 months we need to refresh our website so it is up to date with information and content relevant to our members, clients, referrers, sponsors and other supporters.

Key responsibilities:
-Review and audit current website design and content
-Develop and deliver on project plan for website re-design
-Work closely with General Manager and other volunteers / users to document design requirements
-Develop, refine website structure and design with input from key internal stakeholders including edit Wordpress webpages including build forms, shopping carts and interactive event calendar
-Engage with other volunteers as required to oversee the updating of content / develop new content
-Document protocols and processes to maintain up-to-date website content

-Proven experience designing websites and using Wordpress
-Ability to self-manage and work autonomously
-Excellent written and verbal communication skills
-A desire to help people improve their mental health
-Own computer, internet and phone

Additional requirements

Own computer and internet

Time Required

3-4 hours per week, 3 month project

Interested in
  • Counselling and Help Line
  • IT and Web Development
  • Marketing, Media, Communications
  • Sport and Physical Activities

1-2 hour induction provided to Mood Active