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Discover Dirt for the 2018 IGA Perth Royal Show

  • Location: Claremont WA
  • Category: Young People
  • Type of work
    • Childcare
    • Education & Training
  • Suitable for
    • Skilled Volunteers
    • Travelling Volunteers
    • Work Experience & Internships
    • Younger volunteers, aged 14-18
  • Duration

    Event duration

  • Time Required

    You don't have to attend every day or all day there is either a Morning shift 8.45am - 1.30pm or and Afternoon Shift 1.30pm - 6.15pm

  • Training

    Training session on 15 September at 11.00am and on the job.

Discover Dirt has activities for children and adults to explore soil types, use iscopes to look at the creatures in our soil and compost, walk through our soil tunnel and look at the organisms living underground and test the PH in different soils plus more.

1. Soil Tunnel
Kids will experience the feeling of being underground in our soil tunnel. During this adventure, they will view the soil profile and the creatures living within it.

Number of volunteers: 1-2

Volunteer 1
• Stand at the entrance of the tunnel and issue each child a torch.
• Monitor the number of children & parents in the tunnel.
• Help children to queue in busy periods.
• Transport returned torches back to entrance bucket.

Volunteer 2
• Stand at the exit of the tunnel and collect torches as they exit.

3. iScope Stand Area
Kids will take a closer look at plants and living things in the soil using smartphones and tablets. Children are encouraged to attach their own smartphones to the microscopes and take pictures they can keep.

Number of volunteers 2-3

• Help children to discover the the exciting things living in compost.
• Keep area tidy and replenish equipment and materials as required.
• Organise children to queue in busy periods.
• Supervise the children using the I-pad or smartphone on the iScope Stand. Volunteers will be given instruction on how to use.

4. Soil Texturing & Digging Area
Kids will get their hands dirty in the soil texturing & digging area. Using mini trowels kids will dig in the dirt to find bugs and will have the opportunity to conduct a soil texture test and learn how to identify different soil types.

Number of volunteers 2

• Collect bugs from children as they dig them up and rebury them for the next person. This is very important as the bugs tend to go missing!!
• Gloves and trowel are supplied, ensure they are returned.
• Keep area tidy and safe i.e. no soil on the ground that would make the floor slippery.
• Direct children to hand washing area when they have completed the activity.
• Assist children in conducting a texture test. Instructions will be made available to participants.
• Replenish equipment and materials as required.

6. Soil Art
Kids will get creative in the Soil Art area. Using paints made with soil, kids will learn about the variety of colours found in soils and create a small painting. Kids can take their creations home with them.

Number of volunteers 2

• Prepare paints, including mixing soil with paints.
• Keep area tidy and replenish equipment and materials as required.
• Assist children to store paintings in drying area.
• Assist children to attach painting to display wall.
• Assist children and parents when they return to the pavilion to collect their artwork once dry.
• Distribute and collect aprons.


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