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Australian Bushfires – how to help those in need

Currently bushfires are burning strong across many parts of Australia. Lives have been lost and many people have been stranded.

Australian Bushfires – how to help those in need

In Australia, we enjoy immense natural beauty – from the lush tropics of the north, to the vast red deserts of the centre, ancient forests, snowy peaks and endless rugged coastline. As our national anthem says, our land really does abound with nature’s gifts of beauty rich and rare.

But with this incredible landscape comes more than our fair share of natural disasters. Droughts, floods, bushfires and cyclones are common place and to a certain extent, part of the national psyche.

Throughout our history, we have watched on as fellow Australians have been hit with the full force of nature.

The needs are great and varied and it’s the services and charities on the frontline who are best placed to know what is needed and where.

It is hard to plan ahead for this type of volunteering as this assistance is typically needed urgently and on the ground in the thick of an emergency. You can however, check out Emergency Response opportunities on SEEK Volunteer.

The period after a disaster can be the most challenging. Once the initial rush of good will and support has subsided, many of those impacted are left to pick up the pieces alone. Finding practical ways to provide ongoing support to those affected can go a long way to helping them rebuild their lives.

SEEK Volunteer also has a few Disaster Recovery volunteering opportunities, such as re-building fences, delivering stock feed, removing unsafe structures or sorting through donated resources to distribute to impacted communities. Alternatively, keep an eye out in your local media channels for specific requests for supplies and support for those in need.

Another important way to help during a disaster is through monetary donations to support the various emergency response teams who are working directly with victims.

For those who would like to support via monetary donations, you can:

Whilst disasters bring out the worst of nature, they tend to bring out the best in people. We have an amazing ability to put aside our differences and pull together to help those in need. However you can help, your support is always appreciated.