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You can help change someone's life

If you’re thinking about volunteering, it can help to understand more about the impact you can have. Volunteers help to deliver critical services to our community that wouldn’t otherwise be delivered. You could be helping someone live a safer, more productive and happier life. For some of our older members of the community, Volunteers can help them retain their independance for longer. Here's an example from Vision Australia.

Getting Started


Why Volunteer?


Carl’s Story

Berry Street asked me if I (along with a small team from ANZ) could assist them with an external review of this process to help inform them whether they were on the right track.

Emma's Story

Every year at SEEK we are provided with a volunteer day where we can leave the office and choose to volunteer with an organisation of our choice. Last year, my team chose to volunteer as a group at the Royal Children's Hospital in the cancer ward.

Claudette's Story

I first started volunteering at the Centre when my children left home and I had retired. The initial decision was made because it was so close to home, but now it has become an integral part of my week.