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Carl’s Story

Berry Street had for some years been working on the development of a computerised client information system with a software development company. At the time I was Head of Product Solutions Group for ANZ’s Cash Management & Transaction Services business. My specific area of knowledge was in projects management backed by an extensive Business and IT background. Berry Street asked me if I (along with a small team from ANZ) could assist them with an external review of this process to help inform them whether they were on the right track. They were...with one exception. They had not realised the investment needed in project management at their end. They needed to be more focused so as to benefit from this and work more effectively and efficiently to achieve what was information system that helped them in their clinical work with vulnerable children.

It turned out to be a very satisfying experience. Berry Street was able to reap the benefits of a clear project management process, was more confident about what was needed and how to achieve it and was in a better position to gain from the advice and work of the software development company.

My involvement included Project Management coaching, comments on system and process designs and document drafts, attending design and Steering Committee meetings, walking Berry Street through their more important decisions; and challenging them with the need for clarity. I’m pleased to say that Berry Street are well on the way to having a functioning, sophisticated computerised client information system. The system will be a major part of the Berry Street quality improvement process to provide high quality services to the most vulnerable of children.

So while there’s more to do, I’ve enjoyed being able to help Berry Street and I’m pleased that they can direct the money that they might have had to spend on consulting fees towards their efforts with the children.

To top it off, I’ve had a great time, made some new friends, had a lot of laughs and happy moments and take pride that I think that I’ve added some value to Berry Street endeavours!