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Employees using their spare time for good

With the world changing rapidly around us, the desire to help others has never been stronger. The biggest barrier to doing this has commonly been time.

Employees using their spare time for good

But the way many of us spend our time has totally changed since the COVID-19 pandemic began. With reduced hours becoming common, plus far fewer people commuting to work, the average week looks very different to what it used to be for many people.

So, if for you it means that you have extra time on your hands, now is the time to consider volunteering.

Like many, members of the Commercial team at Jetstar were stood down in April.

As a high-performing and successful team, leaders Lisa Miller and Carolyn Pierre were keen to keep engagement and morale strong despite the challenging circumstances. When considering their team’s extensive experience and transferable skills, they had an idea: why not use this time as an opportunity to give back to others while also keeping the team close and engaged?

Lisa and Carolyn contacted several not-for-profits to find out what sort of skilled volunteering opportunities were available. The response was overwhelmingly positive and the Jetstar team quickly found themselves putting their professional skills to use. Some of the projects they have undertaken includes defining customer personas and journeys, designing and implementing new marketing strategies and campaigns, helping grow partnerships, collaborating on strategy and pitch documents and redesigning websites and online experiences.

“Many not-for-profits have very lean teams and often don’t have the time to step back and think about strategy or planning as they are constantly running to keep their businesses moving,” says Carolyn Pierre, Senior Manager from Jetstar.

And while the community organisations have been overwhelmingly appreciative and excited to learn from the Jetstar team, the benefits have flowed both ways.

“It’s nice to know that skills applied day to day at Jetstar are so highly valued and transferable, especially to such a deserving and worthwhile cause,” says Angela Crilley, a Jetstar Customer Implementation Manager who has been working with The Humour Foundation on a website redesign.

“Our communities need these non-profits now more than ever, and it’s great to be able to play even a small part in helping them to support more people,” says Kate Di Meo, a Product Specialist with Jetstar who has been working with Fitted for Work and Asylum Seekers Centre.

So whether you choose to gather your teammates or would prefer to volunteer solo, you can find skilled volunteer opportunities on SEEK Volunteer.