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Supporting global issues within your local community

On a big trip to the Arctic Circle, Mel saw some major effects of climate change firsthand – she noticed the ice was melting, and as she says, “if the ice is melting there, we’re going to have some big issues here.”

Back in her hometown of Melbourne, Mel escapes to Elwood beach to find peace and calm in an otherwise busy life of family, work and more. She sees climate change as an issue here at home and the rubbish that isn’t put in the bin, ends up in the local canal which leads to the very beach and ocean she finds solitude in.

Mel volunteers for Beach Patrol, an organisation with multiple local groups of volunteers who meet once a month to clean up public spaces: a beach, street or park.

Mel says, “The rubbish I pick up on the beach, that’s one less bit of plastic that a bird will eat or that a dolphin might swallow.” She adds that while her busy lifestyle often makes it hard to fit in cooking a main meal, her passion for the cause gives her motivation to find time to volunteer just once a month on a Saturday morning.

The rewards of volunteering, according to Mel:

  • It’s a fun, social activity, meeting people from her local neighbourhood
  • Making connections with people who all have the same passion and want to achieve the same goal
  • Having a positive impact on such an important global issue makes her feel good

If you’re someone like Mel who seeks to do more, find a volunteering opportunity that you’re passionate about.