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Using a passion for people management for a good cause

Carl Walsh works as the Head of Group Financial Planning and Analysis at ANZ Bank and is inspired to get out of bed each morning because of the people he works with. In addition, the Bank’s strategy and presence in 33 countries makes his work interesting, diverse and stimulating.

Drawing on his passion for people in his day job, Carl facilitates connections and brings people together in his volunteer position.

As a volunteer, Carl is the Chairman of Special Olympics Victoria, which offers intellectually disabled people greater social connectedness, communication skills, self-confidence and self-esteem. Being on the board excites Carl because not only is he and his team running and guiding the organisation but also, “we’re preparing people for the future,” he says.

When Carl was a child, he wanted just two things. In his words, “I wanted to be happy and I wanted to do something to improve the world.” Carl believes volunteering for a good cause is a direct or indirect way to improve the world.

How does Carl fit in his volunteer board position with his full-time job? “If I wasn’t volunteering, I’d probably be working more,” he says. By being more organised and prioritising better, he’s able to offer more volunteering time and still do a great job in his day job.

Here’s some tips for volunteering success, inspired by Carl’s story:

  • Passion and enthusiasm for something is infectious - so find yours and spread it!
  • Making time for volunteering, even when you think you don’t have the time, can teach you to be more effective and smarter with your time!
  • Volunteering for a good cause, no matter how small the task, directly or indirectly helps others and improves the world.

Are you someone like Carl, who seeks to do more? SEEK Volunteer is the place to find and apply for volunteering positions across Australia. Search by category and find a cause that matters to you.