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How volunteering can be flexible and remote

How volunteering can be flexible and remote

Villi Omanovic works a 40-hour week as a Business Banker at ANZ*. Yet despite the long hours, he is passionate about his volunteer position, where he mentors people in digital literacy over video calls from his office.

Read Villi’s inspiring volunteer story, where he chats to us about motivation, recognition and the personal benefits of volunteering.

Taking the first step

My motivation has been being able to help people without any direct financial correlation attached as a reward. The fact that I’ve been recognised by many leaders internally within ANZ where I work, as well as the organisation I support, has motivated me even further to continue being part of this and many other programs.

Making it work for me

I tend to invest anywhere between 1-2 hours a week into volunteering. I know other people that commit 1-2 hours a month in their volunteer roles. My commitment includes mentoring, training or being an active contributor to the group. This fits in with my schedule as I can complete a 40-hour week at work during Monday to Friday and can find an additional 1-2 hours to be flexible with volunteering.

How I help others remotely

There is no need to commute anywhere as I conduct my mentor sessions over Microsoft Teams and Zoom from my own office. I usually have regular digital contact with participants, volunteer engagement coordinators and leaders, and program leaders from other programs at the organisation.

The ups and downs

It’s really rewarding when you get recognition of the effort being put in, whilst also the gratitude shown from a participant during a course and after a graduation is a very rich feeling.

Reaping the benefits

Volunteering has made me realise how good it feels to give without having an obligation to get anything back. It’s a great cycle whereby people are helping people. When you coach and guide a participant with their own goals, you are also able to refresh or regenerate some skills wh

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*This is real volunteer profile.