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How volunteering can help your career

You volunteer because you love it. But guess what? You’re also building up career brownie points every time you give your time to a good cause.

How volunteering can help your career

Think of it like this. If an employer is faced with two nearly identical candidates, small details can work in your favour. Volunteering work is a great way to get that edge over the next candidate.

“Our experience is that volunteering really is a career selling point,” says Rebecca Miller, Head of SEEK Volunteer. “SEEK Volunteer research found that 69% of people say it shows the type of person they really are and 68% believe it shows an employer that they can roll up their sleeves.”

The great news is that volunteering can be fun. There are so many volunteer opportunities in Australia, that it’s not hard to find the perfect role for you and your circumstances. That role could be anything from working as a clown for disadvantaged children to volunteering at a music festival.

If you’re wondering what skills you can put on your CV, just reflect on your volunteering experiences. Chances are you’ve developed some of these skills:

  • Workplace interpersonal skills
  • The ability to work in a team
  • Leadership experience
  • The ability to solve problems
  • Time management skills
  • Sales or customer service skills
  • The ability to plan and prioritise work.

Why volunteers are better candidates

Brett Williamson, Volunteering Australia’s Chief Executive says there is emerging research indicating greater recognition and acceptance that people also earn brownie points that help them advance their careers by volunteering. It’s not just about altruism, he says.

SEEK Volunteer’s research found that 85% of Australians believe volunteering creates a better community. They see it as a sign of being a good citizen and someone who cares about others.