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It takes less than you think to make a real difference

It takes less than you think to make a real difference

Think you need special skills to volunteer? You don’t need to have any qualifications or unique experience to offer care and compassion to people in need; nor do you need to have any specific cause or passion in mind.

To help you find what you’re looking for, all you need to do is use our ‘type of work’ filter.

Here are some types of roles that can make big differences to those around you.

Driving & Transportation

Driving is a very underrated skill that many of us take for granted. However, there are many ways your driving skills can help masses of people. From delivering food to the homeless to taking the elderly and disabled on enjoyable outings, volunteering as a driver is a role that can contribute significantly to the quality of life of others.

How to volunteer as a driver

  • Use your vehicle and licence to deliver supplies, offering comfort and joy (meals, clothes, social support)
  • Get out of your own comfort zone and go on a road trip to places you’ve never visited before
  • Use your physical strength and ability to manoeuvre supplies and people who don’t have the same abilities

Essential requirements you may need to become a driving volunteer

  • Current driver’s licence
  • Your own vehicle, or the ability to drive a larger vehicle such as a mini-bus or van

You can view all driving and transportation volunteer opportunities here

Companionship & Social Support

It doesn’t take much to make a person’s day. All you need is empathy and a little bit of time. Having chats and forming new friendships is a great way to bring joy and satisfaction to people who have diminished social opportunities, and you’ll be surprised at how much satisfaction it can bring to your own life, too.

Why you may like to volunteer as a companion

  • Slow down and experience the enjoyment of true face-to-face connection
  • Learn something new from someone else, which may offer a new perspective and maybe a greater sense of appreciation
  • Exercise your native language or one you may be fluent in

Essential requirements you may need to become a companion volunteer

  • Empathy and compassion
  • The ability to listen and make conversation
  • Some fun activities up your sleeve, such as chess, card games, knitting or simply making a good cuppa

You can view all companionship and social support volunteer opportunities here

Writing & Editing

Have a way with words? Put your inner wordsmith to work in roles where text on a page is the communication of choice. Volunteers who can write, edit and proofread add great value to not-for-profit organisations offering professionalism and creativity, often as part of a wider communications team.

Why you may like to volunteer as a writer

  • All you need is a computer, and many roles can be done remotely
  • Use your creativity and love for words to help organisations working towards a better world
  • Gain exposure to the not-for-profit, marketing and communications sectors and be part of a wider specialised team

Essential requirements you may need to become a writing volunteer

  • Technology tools such as Zoom or Office 360
  • Writing software such as Microsoft Word
  • Good written and verbal communication skills
  • A good team player

You can view all writing and editing volunteer opportunities here

Didn’t find a volunteer role that suits you here? Try using the ‘types of work’ filter here. Give it a go and uncover your dream volunteer role that could really make a difference.