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Naomi’s Story

The Sacred Heart Mission Meals Program in St Kilda provides about 500 daily meals to people who are homeless, socially disadvantaged and isolated. Far from the beach, in a sprawling vegetable garden in Clayton, grows nearly the entire fruit & veggie supply for Sacred Heart. Managed by one volunteer who owns the property, work is never in short supply...

So, on a hot Monday in late February, the SEEK marketing team trekked to Clayton with the goal of using our volunteering day to help our less fortunate neighbours. We spent over 4 hours on our hands and knees weeding row after row of artichoke beds. It was hot, dirty and exhausting work... only our humour was dirtier than the layers of soil that clogged our shower drains when we got home.

We had great fun volunteering together as a team and it was a fantastic sense of achievement to complete something visibly tangible with our time. No need for research tracking to gauge these results! There are many, many more rows of vegetables that need some TLC.