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Not such a dog’s life after all

Life started out nicely enough when I was a puppy. I was a Christmas present – a cute, shaggy thing with floppy ears and lots of energy. My days were full of cuddles, food, sleep and more cuddles. Life was good!

Not such a dog’s life after all

My owners were too busy working to train me, so when they were out I would get up to a bit of mischief because I was so bored. One day, I ate one of my owner’s new shoes. He wasn’t happy. Another time I gnawed on his wallet he had left on the coffee table. Apparently, this included something called ‘$200 cash’. Again, he wasn’t happy. The straw that broke the camel’s back was what I did to the laundry. I was sick of being locked in there for 12 hours a day while they were at work so I dug my way out… through the wall.

Suddenly I found myself in a place called an ‘animal shelter’. I felt scared, nervous and alone. There were lots of strange smells and other dogs howling and barking like mad – not to mention they even had CATS! I had no idea where I was or what was going to happen to me. Life was looking grim.

As I was looking around nervously, a kind face peered down at me and said ‘hello there Japser. Aren’t you a gorgeous boy? My name is Fran and I am volunteer here – and we are going to take such special care of you’,

I felt more relaxed already when I heard Fran’s gentle voice and even managed to wag my tail. I didn’t know what a ‘volunteer’ was but I assumed they couldn’t be that bad given how lovely Fran was.

The first thing she did was give my tummy a big rub (I love a good tummy rub) then she took me off to my new room. At first it didn’t look much better than the laundry – just a square concrete block. But Fran soon re-appeard with arms full of freshly washed woollen blankets.

‘There you go Bertie, you must be tuckered out after such a big day, why don’t you have a sleep’. She gave my tummy another big rub and left me to have a sleep.

When I awoke there was another friendly face. This time it was another volunteer called Paul. And in Paul’s hands was the biggest bowl of dog food I had ever seen! I scoffed my food in one gulp then Paul gave me more tummy rubs, then he took me outside for a play. Oh, the feel the fresh air on my face (my old owners never walked me).

The next morning Fran returned and took me outside for a play and also to teach me some new tricks. She said ‘if we are going to find you a forever home, Japser, we are going to need to work on your obedience’. I am not quite sure what obedience means but it does involve a lot of treats and pats so whatever it is, I will take it!

Both Paul, Fran and a whole lot of other volunteers took such great care of me when I was living in the animal shelter. They walked me, they played with me, they brushed the knots out of my shaggy coat, they taught me how to behave. Thanks to their love and care, I have now found my perfect ‘forever home’ with a family that love me and look after me properly.

I will always remember those wonderful volunteers and think of them often – especially when I am getting a tummy rub.

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