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Only have a small amount of time to give? Event volunteering is for you

Only have a small amount of time to give? Event volunteering is for you

Time. It’s the main barrier to volunteering. Most of us want to volunteer but can’t find enough time. Combine this with the warmer weather and local communities encouraging people to head out and about again, events are now returning to our calendars.

However, organisers are still facing a shortage of volunteers, making it harder to get these events up and running. So, why not combine your efforts? This spring and summer could be a great opportunity for you to volunteer at a one-off event and fill up a spare pocket of time, connect with your community, and be part of an important local cause.

There are plenty of different types of event volunteering opportunities to consider.

Fundraising events

Fundraising events are a great way to make a tangible impact. This could be in the form of taking calls during a telethon, handing out flyers, sending emails, making thank you calls to people who donated money or gathering cash donations on the street.

Awareness raising events

Awareness raising events help to draw attention to important issues and are often done in a fun format like a walking or running event, a morning tea or a sleepover. Whether you’re participating in the activity on the day, helping to set up or run the operations, awareness raising events allow you to help an organisation make a real impact on people in need.

Health and wellbeing participation events

With the warm weather upon us, there are plenty of opportunities to help out at health and wellbeing events. You might find yourself handing out refreshments or giving directions to runners and cyclists, who knows, you might even get inspired to participate in one of these events yourself.

Local community events

Community events are ramping up over spring and summer, offering a much-needed opportunity to reconnect with those around us. As the year draws to a close, there are many ways to help brighten up the festive season for others. Whether it’s wrapping Christmas presents or volunteering at a local community event, consider ways to get involved locally.

Event volunteering is a great first step to reignite your passion for volunteering. Search through our volunteer opportunities that require just a few hours of your time, to find a local event that resonates with you.