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Raising a toast to you on International Volunteer Day

Raising a toast to you on International Volunteer Day

International Volunteer Day is a United Nations recognised occasion, occurring every year on December 5th. It offers us an opportunity to reflect on all the amazing volunteer work being done in our communities, as well as shed light on some causes that still need a helping hand.

To the almost 6 million Aussies who volunteer, we say a heartfelt thanks. You’ve supported vulnerable members of your community, raised funds for charitable causes, provided relief in the wake of natural disasters, and so much more. Fitting volunteering into your life, whether it’s just a couple of hours a year or on a weekly basis, is no easy feat. So, make sure you take the time to celebrate your efforts this International Volunteer Day.

How you’ve helped to make a difference

  • Increased capacity

Most services are delivered by people. So, the more people, the more services that can be delivered. By volunteering you have enhanced the capacity of an organisation and magnified their social impact. With more people seeking help from volunteer organisations, every time you give a helping hand, it makes a world of difference to someone else.

  • Improved capability

You may have been one of the many people who tapped into your highly sought after skills. A lot of volunteer organisations have benefited from the expertise of their volunteers. Whether it’s project management, HR or finance advice, or managing social media, many organisations are now operating more efficiently thanks to the help of volunteers.

  • Helping other connect

Sometimes, making a difference in your community can also be making another volunteers day better. Did you know that 35% of people turn to volunteering for the social contact? Even if your volunteering role involved working with animals or the environment, you might have unknowingly helped other volunteers around you feel connected.

How to thank the volunteers in your life

International Volunteer Day is also a great chance to give kudos to other in your life who volunteer. Know someone who’s been doing an amazing job in your community? Consider shouting them a coffee, taking them out for a meal or simply letting them know how much you admire their efforts. The motivation and recognition will go a long way!

Feeling inspired? Why not browse our site for your next volunteering opportunity? Start your search here.