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The qualities and skills that will help you be a great volunteer

Worried or unsure about what you have to offer as a volunteer? The good news is that most community organisations are looking for skills that you already have. And they’re the same skills businesses are looking for in employees – transferrable skills.

The qualities and skills that will help you be a great volunteer

So, what are the key skills that organisations are looking for in volunteers today?

  • Reliability
    Community organisations plan around volunteers turning up and people in our communities rely on the programs they deliver, so being reliable is a hugely valuable quality. That’s why on SEEK Volunteer, we are seeing a big demand for people who are reliable and willing to make an ongoing commitment to an organisation so that together they can help to make a real difference.
  • Interpersonal skills
    Going in to any new environment requires you to engage with new people. Volunteering often exposes you to people from all walks of life, so having great interpersonal skills that you can adapt to different situations means that you are sure to do a great job.
  • Ability to learn and learn quickly
    The first time you volunteer you need to learn and learn quickly what is expected of you. Sound familiar? Has your boss ever asked you to do something outside of your job description? Or remember that feeling when you start in a new workplace and everyone is talking in the industry acronyms? You have to adapt and learn quickly. Volunteering is no different and is a great way to not only use but also practice building these skills.
  • Problem Solving
    Unlike some other business scenarios where there’s a team of people trying to solve a problem, that’s not always the case in a Community Organisation. So, your ability not only to problem solve your way through any challenges you face whilst doing the activity, but also to suggest new ways for that organisation to approach things, can extend your impact beyond the volunteer activity itself.

So, when you are looking for a volunteer opportunity think about these skills and how you might apply them, as well as your strengths and the skills you want to develop further.

You’re ready to make a bigger impact that you realise with the skills you already have! Search for a volunteer opportunity on SEEK Volunteer now.