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The top 10 most in-demand volunteer roles

The top 10 most in-demand volunteer roles

With the rising cost of living, individuals and families are leaning on community services more than ever before. In many instances, the only way organsations can meet the increased demand for their services is through the help of volunteers.

Understanding what sort of opportunities are available, can help you find the right opportunity and give back to your community sooner.

Here are the top 10 in-demand roles on SEEK Volunteer.

1. Driver

This versatile role has a relatively low barrier to entry and is sought by a wide range of volunteer organisations. As a volunteer driver, you might drop off and collect donations, deliver supplies, or transport people to events or medical facilities. Depending on the type of licence you hold, you can search for delivery, van or bus driver opportunities.

2. Administrative assistant

Administrative volunteers are the backbone of volunteer organisations, helping to keep day-to-day operations running. As a volunteer admin assistant, you might be tasked with data entry, filing, scheduling and even recruiting other volunteers. Some search terms you can use on SEEK Volunteer include admin support coordinator, data administrator or office administration.

3. Companion volunteer

Companion volunteering can be on an ongoing basis or as a one-off visit, depending on the nature of the role. Volunteer companions are especially needed in the aged care sector, as residents at retirement homes are more prone to feeling lonely and isolated. Other opportunities for companion volunteering include assisting people with walking their dog or visiting hospitals.

4. Board member

You might be surprised at how valuable the skills and experience you have could contribute to the governance of a not-for-profit organisation. As a board member, you’ll play an integral role in shaping and guiding an organisation’s strategic direction, its culture and making sure it meets its governance obligations. Opportunities on SEEK Volunteer include general board member, treasurer, secretary and chairperson.

5. Retail assistant

Many volunteering organisations run op-shops to provide low-cost shopping options to members of the community while also raising funds for the organisation itself. As a volunteer in a retail setting, you’ll be able to use your existing skills and build transferable skills as you help with customer service, stock management and processing transactions.

6. Gardening

If gardening or landscaping is already a passion of yours, volunteering could be a great way of putting your skills into action. Volunteer gardeners might help with upkeeping the grounds of not-for-profit organisations or for individuals temporarily unable to upkeep their own garden.

7. Event volunteers

Events are the lifeblood of many volunteer organisations, helping them raise awareness of their cause and raise funds. As an event volunteer, you may help out on the day of a big event or work behind-the-scenes to put the event together, run social media campaigns and train other event volunteers.

8. Social media assistant

More and more volunteering organisations are tapping into the power of social media, meaning there’s plenty of opportunities to volunteer as a social media assistant. In this role you might create engaging content for the organisation, run ads, interact with followers and promote events on the organisation’s social media account.

9. Mentor

Mentors are valuable in a variety of volunteering settings, including with organisations that serve young people, people with disabilities, new migrants or people who have experienced domestic violence. As a volunteer mentor, you will use your personal insights, experience, qualifications and empathic ear to support and guide individuals who might need a helping hand.

10. Fundraising assistant?

As a fundraising assistant, you could wear a number of different hats, helping to raise funds for an organisation through grant writing, donor outreach, event planning or even on-the-ground fundraising efforts as part of a charity drive.