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Wesley and Jamie’s Story

My wife and I volunteer with Conservation Volunteers Australia, in Townsville. We have been with them for about 2 years, ever since we first arrived in Australia. The whole team there is like family to us. We have been through a lot with them, and feel very accomplished in what we have done.

Recently, we have dug holes for about 2,000 trees to be planted in a beautiful section of town. It was a daunting task, digging about 200 holes each, but we felt really good about helping out.

Another area we worked on was to help rebuild the sand ladders on the beach in Palleranda. The recent wet season wrecked havoc on them, making it unsafe for kids to go to the beach.

Everything we volunteer for makes us feel great! The joy of helping makes a difference in the world we live in. Meeting new people with the same values is a heart-warming experience.

The crew at CVA are the best around, making everyone welcome and appreciated. We are very thankful for all their time and effort.