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Collaboration with Communiteer

SEEK Volunteer is collaborating with Communiteer to help VIO’s advance their knowledge, scoping and communication of skilled and remote/online volunteering opportunities.

With COVID-19 impacting our lives, people are inspired to help others more than ever before and also more equipped to work virtually. Due to rising unemployment rates, more people are looking to use skilled volunteering to improve their employability and use their time productively while they search for a job. Corporate businesses continue to look to their employee volunteer programs to help keep their staff engaged particularly now, with so many working from home.

We want to help our VIO’s recruit these volunteers so they can manage an increased demand for their services and a possible reduction in the existing volunteer workforce. We know that a well-defined and communicated volunteer opportunity, will attract higher quality volunteers.

We are currently running a trial with over 50 SEEK Volunteer registered VIO’s. If you have heard about this trial and are interested in knowing more or being part of it, please contact us directly on