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Supporting the NSW and QLD floods

Our thoughts are with those in NSW and QLD who are experiencing severe storms which have caused widespread damage.

Many homes have been left uninhabitable or severely damaged.

The needs of those residents who have been impacted are great and varied and it’s the services and charities on the frontline who are best placed to know what is needed and where.

SEEK Volunteer will promote opportunities to support the floods as they are posted to our site. Alternatively, keep an eye on your local media channels for specific requests for supplies and support for those in need.

Another important way to help during a disaster is through monetary donations to support the various emergency response teams who are working directly with victims.

For those who would like to support via monetary donations, we’d encourage you to donate to the local State Emergency Service (SES). The SES are a community-based, not-for-profit organisation who are at the frontline during flood and storm events, and are made up of a huge volunteer workforce.

To donate to the New South Wales State Emergency Service click here.

To donate to the Queensland State Emergency Service click here.

While disasters bring out the worst of nature, they tend to bring out the best in people. However you can help, your support is always appreciated.