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Aboriginal Community Elders Services (Aces)

Since 1987, ACES has been providing programs and services to Aboriginal Elders. ACES was incorporated under the Associations Incorporation Act (1981) and have a Board of Management made up of elected community members. In the Australian context, ACES is unique in being both Aboriginal-run and specialising in provision of both planned activity group and residential aged care services. At ACES culture is recognised as central to individual and community health. Further the integration of a range of programs on the site ensures continuity in the assessment and delivery of appropriate care to Aboriginal elders in a culturally appropriate environment as they age. Our vision is to see the provision of ACES services continue to improve and expand through constant attention to high standards of service delivery that will be recognised throughout the community. We will work to earn the respect of clients and their families and maintain a strong reputation within the Aboriginal community and the aged care industry sector. We will be known by our contribution to the quality of life of our clients. We expect that one result of this will be and increased community demand for ACES services