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SAAS - Ambulance Volunteers

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Have you ever thought about becoming an ambulance volunteer? How easily you could fit it into your life? How much you'd get out of it personally? In regional South Australia more than 1400 volunteers make up a network of over 70 country volunteer teams for SA Ambulance Service. Volunteers provide professional emergency ambulance and patient transfer services within their communities. And in return, they gain self-confidence and decision-making skills in often challenging situations: skills for life. As a volunteer ambulance officer you will gain the skills and confidence to take control in an emergency situation and to save the lives of others. The personal satisfaction and self-esteem that comes with this is immeasurable. But as well as learning life-saving medical skills, other life skills will get a boost – like decision making, team and leadership abilities. And our volunteers are trained in safe, defensive driving: that's something you'll call on every day.