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iDareU is a charity whose mission it is to create social change by developing natural inclusion within local communities for people with a disability and their families. We facilitate workshops for all parties and teach them how to help each other. We host events to break down the barriers between ‘mainstream’ events and ‘disability’ events. We teach people who have nothing to do with a person with a disability, that they don’t need to have an association to attend an event hosted by a person with a disability. We are creating a pilot for remote areas to help people create their own networks and services for their loved ones within their own communities – instead of travelling many kilometers to regional areas, because it is not financially viable for services to come to them. Although natural inclusion is our main mission, this is closely followed by removing Carer Burnout by re-empowering families and people with a disability. iDareU believes that by breaking down barriers within communities, mental health issues are reduces and tolerance, diversity and inclusion flourish...Wouldn't THAT be a lovely Community to live in!!! Come and join us and change the world, one person at a time.