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Melbourne East Disability Advocacy (MEDA)

At Melbourne East Disability Advocacy (MEDA), our volunteer Citizen Advocates play a crucial role in upholding human rights and preventing abuse by bringing their friendly, curious eyes into the lives of people living with intellectual disability. Our Citizen Advocates are matched to work alongside one person with intellectual disability. By asking questions and standing along-side their Advocacy Partner as they express their wishes, our Citizen Advocates ensure their voices are heard, human rights are upheld and help support real change in their Advocate Partner’s lives. Sam is a 72 year old man who lives in Booroondara and likes socialising. Sam enjoys talking about military history and the ANZACS. Sam is keen to connect with a volunteer Citizen Advocate who can connect with him for around one hour a week and bring friendly, curious eyes into his life and help to ensure his human rights are upheld. If you would like to discuss being a volunteer Citizen Advocate and connect with Sam, please email us at [email protected] or call us on 98777990.

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