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Oakwood School - Caulfield Park Community Campus

Oakwood School, Caulfield Park Community Campus provides for students in Years 8 – 12, the opportunity to form strong relationships within a learning community. The campus provides an affirming and supportive place for students who have found traditional secondary schools have not been able to meet their needs. Because we are small our students, their families and teachers know each other well and students feel supported to build relationships with staff to enable them to work together to achieve great things. Our rules are developed around the values of mutual respect, empowerment and learning. When there is a problem in a relationship, we work together to fix it. As part of the induction process students are assessed to determine their interests, skills and knowledge and we work together with them to develop an Individual Learning Plan in the key areas of literacy, numeracy and personal development. We offer the VCAL Certificate for students in Year 11 and 12, we teach VET on site, and have many opportunities for students to develop their skills in art, music and sport within their timetable. Staff and students work together to achieve growth and success, both in and out of the classroom. There are many staff within the school to support students with their mental and physical wellbeing, including counsellors, a doctor, nurse, youth workers and psychologists. Oakwood School values individuals as well as the group and encourages students to develop their strengths. Students are expected to "have a go", to do their best and to work together as part of the Oakwood School, Caulfield Park Community Campus team. Enrolments are taken throughout the year and interested students and parents are invited to contact the Campus Principal for more information or to arrange an interview.